Friday, July 17, 2009

Haven't Done This Here In Awhile...

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I'll admit, I've been playing poker lately to almost the exclusion of all else. My blogs have suffered as a result. Haven't really felt the need to write, actually. Someone once said, I think it was Sir William of Goldman, that you should write something so that there'll be something to change....

Let me assure you, I won't be doing any of that. I feel my strengths lie in writing something the first time, and if I didn't get it right, clearly, I won't do any better with a rewrite. Mickey Spillane felt the same way. I guess that's part of what being an IDEA MASTER™ is all about. So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, these words as I write them are wholly owned by me, and are appearing courtesy of whatever form they take, the first time, and are unedited and for the most part, unexpurgated.

Having used several two dollar words up to this point, I shall continue. Now, I could've posted this on my poker blog, but this isn't really about that. And lest you think this to be a post about Mickey Spillane because of the chosen photo, it's not really about him, either. Just his philosophy.

Once read somewhere that a blog entry should only contain 250 words or less. To this I say, “Bunk!!” or, another word to that effect. Who decided on this arbitrary limit? There's another site that says web articles should contain 400-800 words. I didn't get this memo either. Therefore, it follows that I should use enough words to get the point across, and decry any artificial word count deemed necessary by those that it would seem have simply pulled a number out of the air, as well as a rabbit out of the hat.

What does this mean to you, one of my three readers? Probably that I'll be writing a lot more, both here and elsewhere. It may even be about poker. Used that last of my bankroll to enter a tournament yesterday, and as I've been card dead for about two weeks now, I didn't do too well. Some would say, “That's Poker!” and maybe I would too, although, I might use Porky Pig's inflection when I did so....

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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