Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not My Usual Thing

ZataraImage via WikipediaI'm sure this isn't original, however, given that I'm attending a networking event tomorrow, and that I am, after all, a magician (think John Zatara to make this relevant), I've created a simple way to get any contact's phone number with a simple card trick.

And, you're going to hate me for this, however, I'm going to use one of those cliché magician phrases you may have seen in your lifetime. You'll know it when you see it, so, I may flag it for you. This is your basic 'pick a card' trick, which I'm sure you've seen a thousand and one times, but with a twist.

Now, I usually start those types of card tricks with a phrase similar to the following, "We're going to do a pick a card trick. That's where you pick a card, and then I find it. Because, if I picked a card and then found it, that would be, stupid." You'll need to know how to force a card selection, you may use the classic force, or, your favorite method (that's what I warned you about earlier, "Use your favorite method.")

Next, have them concentrate on their card, and ask them to take out their phone. Give them your cell#, and ask them to text you anything, while concentrating on their card. The content of the text doesn't matter, however, you may want to let them know they don't have to text you the name of the card, with a phrase like, "Don't let me read it, I've seen the trick before...."

As you know I'm sure, your phone comes with what's called a wallpaper picture, that can be well, anything. Here's the trick prep, use a picture of the card you forced earlier. When you receive the text, you can ignore or whatever, after you hand them your phone, revealing the pic of the card you forced. "Is this your card?" Hopefully, applause or laughter or both ensues, and you can get the contact's name, and enter it into your phone, as you've successfully received their number in a hopefully entertaining way.

I have yet to try this so, let me know how it works for you, or if you think you'd use this in other situations. If you don't know any card tricks, try reading this book, or this one.

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