Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yes, I Still Write Here

82%!!! Why? The same rate is relatively SPAM that you receive. Twitter is headlines. Book of the face is friends? People are using both to sell. Instagram is pictures of food. At least it was when it first started. I couldn't get an IG account until I had a cellphone, but now I can read them on the desktop. Mix all accounts together, and you come up with?

What do I have: Blogger, WordPress (both personal & professional until I get fired...), Twitter(duh), Book of the face (No, duh), Pinterest to a point, What else? Typepad, Tumblr, Flickr, Model Mayhem, Stage 32, Amen Me! however not really posting there. I'm sure there's more, however I can't seem to remember, or I've forgotten how to login, and they've fallen into disuse. Ah, I glazed over LinkedIn™. How could we forget? Always remember the bane of your existence.

Bane is a Batman supervillain. Good to know that supervillain is in the spellcheck dictionary.

Taking 5.

To review.... I have nothing new to write, or say, or anything even remotely like that. I'm simply typing words to make a word count. I'm attempting to make my words count, as that's the first agreement. The Toltecs had it right, however they're not in the spellcheck dictionary. I'm going to publish this from my brand account, and see how much traction it gets. [Unless I don't. Self Ed.]
Speaking of which, we're back on track! Train stories. When I was a kid, I was into trains. We got a Tyco set, and then a somewhat weekly trip to Kit Kraft, followed by a subscription to Model Railroader filled my childhood. We also got Sports Illustrated. Every Thursday, I'd get home and it would be there, and I'd read most of it during football season. The rest of the year, not so much. I'm sure they had a swimsuit issue back then, but I don't recall.

We saved everything!!! Apparently that's a bad thing. We paid for it, so we keep it, right? This is not conducive to living in society in 2018. It goes to the George Carlin routine. A place for your stuff. Well, stuff is a good thing. There's apparently a line where you have enough stuff, at which point anything you get after that is too much stuff.

My hard drive is becoming like that. I have all these files and pictures and videos that I may have downloaded, and not read or watched. I've looked at the pictures once, and decided I needed to have it forever for whatever reason, and I haven't looked at since.

My need to find love may mean that I'm looking in all the wrong places. Sure, they're pretty, however I'm probably not going to meet most of them. I have met a select few, and they're the best of the best.

Do you age out of the system? Is that a thing? Living forever is going to be hard, or at least difficult if not impossible. However, we know there's a first time for everything. Immortality is a good goal. Our spirit lives forever. It truly depends on what you believe after that. When you die, where do you truly go? Heaven is defined differently according to the different world religions. There's only karma. Neither good or bad. It just is.

How'd we get from social media sites to religion? Is not each a type thereof? There are those who swear by Twitter or more likely, swear at it. Others book of the face or LinkedIn™. Are we writing formally? Commas are pauses. Line delivery.

Pastor Dean asked about the acting in Crazy Rich Asians. It was adequate. Cast all Asians in one movie, and then we don't have to think about them the rest of the year. Hollywood? Definitely. Racially diverse, and yet not. We're told myths about pay imbalance, and how those mean we should vote a certain way. The other side may believe we're all equal, but that's not entirely true either. Haves and have nots. Maybe it's one word: havenots. No, it's plural doesn't exist, however I've heard it on the news, so it must be a word!!!

Not is a great word. Logical negation. A conjunction if I recall Grammar Rock correctly. Ah. I'll be uploading today, so I guess that means no recycling for me.

37 left. What to talk about? Kids today can't differentiate between ads and news online. That's where the opening stat comes from, but isn't everyone attempting to sell us something? I'm attempting to sell you on the fact that everyone is attempting to sell you something, so I guess I'm guilty too.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach. Adjust your expectations accordingly™.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

In Case You've Forgotten....

I'm also an actor....

Dead Maker from Steve Oakley Films on Vimeo.

You don't have to pay $3.99 to view the trailer....

This is where the movie business is these days for independents such as myself. We should be able to do better, and those of us that don't have a career in the military or corporate should be able to pursue our interests in Hollywood, even though anyone can make a movie anywhere at any time.

They even have festivals for this sort of thing. The one this move was in won The Best Cast award, and I was a small part, as you can see from the above.

This is not a rant, but merely, a post that can be shared. As it looks like I'm putting it on the wrong site, I may have to cross post and do the other things.

That's right. My social media due diligence.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.™

Saturday, October 21, 2017

An Email To Send

Listen To Me
The title of the movie I'm in with Kirk Cameron. Hey, that's great. If you see this before you hear this, then you're getting it twice, however I do need to say these things so in advance, I'm sorry. I love you. I'm not sorry that I love you. It's a matter of as you know, I don't like repeating myself. Furthermore, you've told me things twice that I heard the first time, therefore you've wasted your time.

Okay, at some point, all of this will make sense, and I don't know when that will be. The love song hasn't been written yet, however it will be written by the time I get to Phoenix, which is a song that has already been written by someone else.

How many tracks does the mind have? I know you know, but I don't. Probably seven. 7 chakras, and mine are out of alignment. As a result,, I get a chiropractor telling me to see him n times a week, and you say that we shouldn't see them. Okay! Message received and understood.

Sometimes I think you don't listen to me. I get that your things are more important, and the constant feel of you pushing me away is hurtful. I've said that before. Well, I wrote it. To say things, I would have to actually speak to you, and we don't do that a lot.

You know things that I don't. I know things that you don't. We have been brought together to do great thigns. Things. Wow. Sometimes that gets autocorrected by this beast. Sometimes not.  On at least one occasion, I've said I shouldn't have the TV running while I type this exercise, journal, meditation, or whatever this is to you.

A text. From you?

No. Volleyball tomorrow night. I'm on Nova 2, or the team that is not the first team. I was on 3 last time around, however this year we only have 2 teams. Why is that? Personalitly conflicts with the organizer/coach.  Not with me, as I don't truly care, however THE believes that she knows more than he does, and for the most part, that's not technically correct.  Also, we don't have practices this year like we did the last time. That's mildly distressing.

Forgot to get info for THE relative to V'ball. Was more interested in dealing with the filming I'm doing for Trust The Process, the name of the team that one of our church members created in the Torrance League.  420 to that point ;;)

I guess that's a double wink with a smile.

The need for speed exists. It's almost noon, and I think I should finish before then.

Directing the sex scene, in a PG-13 movie. They're easy to write: They make love. Done! Now it's a timing thing. How long does it need to be to play out? Porn says 3 minutes, and show everything. With clothes on, is it still 3 minutes?  Know that I don't know what true romance is, however I believe there's a movie with that title.

Love is....

Something you fall in. A thing between two people. Other words to define their relationship. Let's break that word down shall we? Re- a prefix meaning again. -ship in this case is a suffix, and as you know, shippers exist online, and it happens more than you know. Captain Kirk once said, "A ship is a ship."  The end of I believe IV, as they get assigned The Enterprise 1701-A. 

Do I reread things that I write?

To continue: -tion is apparently not a suffix. Maybe it's -ion. Okay, then the root word is late. lation. Not a word. Fascinating. Why are odd numbers funnier than even? My favorite: 37. Why? Because it's oone more than 36. Also, a number that I can psychologically force you to choose. Well, not know, because I told you that's the end of the illusion. Tell 'em what you're going to do. Do it. Tell 'em when you're done. Beginning, middle, end. This is why we have 3 act structure. Of course, you can change that to 5 if you're bold and daring.

So, a relationship is...atoms rotating around each other that bump into each other from time to time depending on how the wind is blowing.  That can't possibly be right, however it is what the word broken down into its parts sums up, and we are greater than the sum of our parts. 3 words needed.