Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Tweet, Or Not to Tweet...

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That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune... Oh, wait. Shakespeare said it differently. The result, however, is the same. After going through some outrageous ups and incredible downs this, my first full year of tweeting, I've accomplished some of what I call The Experiment.

I may have posted something similar elsewhere, however, on this the last day of the year 2009, on what many to believe to be the last day of the decade, I figured, why not write something. So, here it is. It might even make sense to those that read it. Or even to those that don't. (Pause for effect.)

Moving on, what will I do in the year to come? I don't know. This has been working moderately well. Write about what I want to write about, which in turn increases my typing speed, if nothing else, although, I have a smattering of followers that may or may not be paying attention, simply because sometimes, the cost it too high.

So, I'm thinking at this point you're saying to yourself, "Self, he's really thinking?" to which I reply, that's for you to decide. Does any of this make sense? If so, you know where the donate button is. If not, there's places to click to actually buy things you might need, as my birthday is coming up shortly. The tenth day of Christmas if you're counting. Or the eleventh if you count differently.

Blogger doesn't give a word count. And Twitter may have destroyed my writing ability. Limiting yourself to 140 characters at a time doesn't seem fair, sometimes. It seems like an arbitrary number, which I've stated in the past. Every once in awhile, I get the feeling that I'm writing the same article over and over, and if I get this feeling, others might too.

I realize now that I don't have a coherent ending to this non story, therefore, I'll leave you with a thought, or three, if you, my three readers have gotten this far....
  1. You can't win.
  2. You can't break even.
  3. And what's worse, you can't even get out of the game.
Depressing. That's right, life's a game. Play the game.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Seems Like...

I'm behind on this whole Twitter List thing. For those of you just tuning in, I was without a computer for two whole months, until someone from church stepped forward and allowed me to borrow theirs. During the downtime, Twitter came up with Lists.

As such, I'm not quite clear how they work, and although I appear on 42 lists as of this writing, I'm not sure whether or not this is a good thing. Also not sure if I should be creating lists of my followers, either, unless this has some value to them, beyond the whole, "Look at me I'm on a list!!!" factor.

So, maybe someone can explain it to me. Or give me a link to follow that explains them. And whether or not any of this has to do with anything real.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Morning Window Frost (B&W)

Morning Window Frost (B&W)
Originally uploaded by stevegarfield


Two couples, both early 20's, panicked. They breath heavily, and visibly, as the room grows colder. The cute blond screams.

What are we gonna do!?!?

Thanks for the inspiration, @stevegarfield. Apparently, Blogger doesn't like the spaces that I put in to format this mini screenplay properly. I'd be willing to place a small wager that there's someone out there that's already figured out what I'm thinking. Now, I just have to find them, before I start coding on my own.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

It's not yet 72 and sunny in Redondo Beach, but you should probably retweet anyway....

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's, The Law!!!

What law would that be, you ask? There's the law of gravity, which for all practical purposes is a constant. And the only constant is, change. Fascinating. Already off topic.

Or, am I?

Today's discussion goes to, The Law of Unintended Consequences, or, as I've defined it quite possibly here and elsewhere, The Law!!! For the three of you that read my every word, you already know about this, however, for the rest of you that may or may not be here for the first time, it states that no matter what you do, or plan for, something will happen either directly or indirectly as a result that you couldn't possibly have foreseen.

Or to put simply, when given a choice, no matter which one you make, you're screwed. Or scrod, using the future pluperfect tense. And yes, I've used that line before. Why? Because it's a good one. Or, because I can. Your choice. There may be a third one that I haven't thought of....

Moving on, today's rant is simply to let you know that I know that you know. What do we know? Well, ultimately, nobody knows anything, and I've talked about that elsewhere as well. Random ranting is very freeing, especially since it's quite possible that no one will read this, and if they do, they might not get this far....

Which means I'm typing to myself. Which gets lonely.

To continue, having defined The Law!!! we can now discuss it, and its myriad forms both on and offline. Or, both online and off. If I had an editor, you wouldn't see one of those sentences. It's the whole left brain, right brain thing. You can look that up, however, as I'm left handed, I'm the only one in my right mind.

Have I made my word count yet? How many words in the typical blog entry anyway? Once read a blog entry that stated it had too many words to be a blog entry, but by that time, I had lost count. Twitter, as we all know and love, is actually a micro blog, simply because you only get 140 characters, not words. As the average word has five characters, well, you can do the math, as it's to early to figure out that's 28 words.... Alternatively, I just found out that the theoretical maximum of a blog is 40,000 characters, or 8,000 words, using the above math. Probably not there yet....

Of course, nobody said there'd be any math, or, did they? It's everywhere, you just don't realize it. The aforementioned gravitational constant is actually expressed in terms of velocity. Without getting into a discussion of physics that I may or may not understand according to my college professors, at least, according to the grades I got, the reason gravity works is that your body is accelerating toward the center of the Earth at an equal rate of speed that the earth is pushing you away from the center of itself.

Very dry and boring, but as I said earlier, the only constant, is change, simply because at higher altitudes, the gravitational constant alters slightly, as you're further away from the center of the earth. A way to discover this is to weigh yourself at different altitudes on the same day. I'll leave that demonstration up to you.

Having discovered that the only constant is change, we need to embrace it, and not fear it. So, if you know what it is, you're all set.

However, if you've gotten this far, you've hopefully come to the same conclusion that I have: You can't know what it is.


It's, The Law!!!

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm One Full Technology Behind

  1. Now, this is the story of how I came to be in the industry, and when I say the industry, I'm of course referring to, the business. Which in this case is film. Sentence, or fragment? I'll let the grammar wienies decide, while I move on.

Having successfully buried the lead, here's the thing: Just as I'm about to get to the point where I have a movie that's about to be financed, they changed the game on me. Who are they, you ask? Or, maybe you didn't. I don't really know, ultimately. The 'they' in this case, are them. Who are not us.

According to Guy Kawasaki, I need a list in my blog post for him to read it, so, here it is:
  1. Disney
  2. Paramount
  3. MGM
  4. Sony
  5. Warner Brothers
  6. Universal
  7. Twentieth Century Fox
These are the major movie studios, in no particular order of preference or market share. In case anyone was wondering where my loyalties lie. Or lay. They also have the capability of opening a movie on any particular weekend in a significant portion of the currently available 40,000 movies screens available domestically.

At least, that's the way it used to be, until I read this article, summarized thusly; They wish to be able to stream their movie directly to your desktop, phone, wireless device, whatever you mostly use to communicate online.

OK, that article is mostly about one guy stepping down at Disney, however, the new guy states the above, and there's more.... We already have YouTube, right? Read the other day that the average online video is less than ten minutes. I think that's because for the most part, you can't upload a longer video to the aforementioned site, unless you're famous. And as I've stated both here and elsewhere, not too many people know that I'm famous.

Millions of people have YouTube accounts, only about a fraction of those have a large enough following to the point where they get mentioned on G4TV on more than an occasional basis, and that's not to mention other sites like Funny Or Die, or Vimeo for that matter. And The Law!!! being what it is, most aren't site loyal, and post their vids anywhere they can. Which means simply, any selected video you view may be available whole or in part, on another channel or website.

I see a day where we'll have this giant pipe coming into our house, and the big screen, just like in Back to the Future II, wherein people won't be entertained unless they have multiple movies, TV shows (if they still exist), videos etc. all running at the same time.

I'm thinking by then, I'll have at least two or three produced feature films, at which point you may stream them to your desktop big screen viewing device while you're actually paying attention to iJustine getting no Statusfaction.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Oh, please, retweet.
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