Friday, July 02, 2010


Or, maybe not so clear. Yes, it's going to be one of those posts, therefore, Guy Kawasaki probably won't read it. However, that's a recurring theme from another blog for which I write, unless I were to end a sentence with a preposition, in which case it would be a blog I write for.

Today's advice is, don't take my advice, unless of course it conflicts with other advice which is the same. Which is impossible, which is why I give it. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their blog posts. I say this, simply because it may be time for a redesign. For either this blog, or others that I may or may not have.

Why, you ask? Or maybe you didn't. I don't truly know, however, I can indeed answer my own questions, as Mike Caro has been doing lately. I get the impression from the other sites out there that tell me how to do various things, that I should think of a product launch. Well, I don't have a product, beyond my words, unless moviemaking counts, however, people usually ask me to do that, and pay me quite handsomely for the privilege to make their movie for them. As with all things poker, which indeed have things to do with life itself, I've hit a dry spell recently. Haven't made a film since my recent 168 Project. Which is four months back as I type this, so, maybe, not so recent.

I've been covering various events lately, and using my Flip Mini to do so, however, I'm not really a reporter, although, the fine folks at Soak Magazine would have you think differently. The reality is, I'm a columnist, meaning, I write things like this, and again, get paid to do so. Again, this is dealing with words that I write as well. Supposedly, I must make these words look good, as supposedly, you're going to come here to read them after I write them.

I'd ask you to come here before I write them, however, that would be well, again impossible, which is quite likely why I do it. Getting back to the original rant, er, post, I feel that a lot of advice out there conflicts with other advice, and according to some, I get to pick which advice to take. Great. I'll do that.

What this means is simple. I will at some point, redesign all of my sites, to make them different from the others. I will also start posting more frequently than I have been of late, as apparently, it's the only way to launch a product that I don't have. And furthermore, I'll do this everyday, or not, as I've been told that I should blog everyday, while at the same time, I should only do so when I have something to say.

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