Monday, April 12, 2010

This is a job for...

Wait, wrong blog. Ok, I'll rant here. There have been several things swirling around my brain lately, and this will be a rant that is random, as opposed to a random rant. Which is still another blog that I have.

Seth Godin believes that you shouldn't watch TV according to this post, but what he specifically describes in his blog, is the TV watching you. I get that. What about those of us that are in the industry? Doesn't it make sense to keep track of current trends, so we aren't accused of stealing someone else's ideas? Furthermore, multitasking is alive and well. While I have the TV on in the background, I'm composing this entry, and tweeting as well. I also have several other tabs open, with various stories that will contribute to other posts either here or elsewhere. He's wrong about this one, that's all I'm saying....

Of course, now that I'm mentioning him in this post, he'll get more link juice, which is a good thing, for him. It may at some point create a larger readership for me, however, I don't necessarily know that I want the larger readership that everyone else says I should have. If everyone is doing the same thing to increase their following, how does one stand out?

I once read that the follow me and I'll follow you paradigm is six years out of date, as of this writing. I came to the conclusion that to stand out, one must lead. If you want to go where I'm going, then by all means, follow. On Twitter :) Otherwise, it's not necessary. At the same time, if you're following me, there should be no obligation on my end to return the favor. I've stated this elsewhere, so, no need to repeat.

I just read something else that says I shouldn't be obligated to post a blog entry everyday. Or is it, every day? I get those two confused, sometimes. Probably because the first time I used the wrong one, I learned the other usage, and get the two confused.

Great, I got distracted. If anything resonates, by all means, leave a comment. This rant is effectively over.

Of course, I reserve the right to post another one, elsewhere, later....

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

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