Tuesday, May 05, 2009

#SaveChuck, or Save Chuck, for the Twitter Deprived

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I won't ask again. At least, politely. For those of you that don't know, or maybe haven't heard, which is almost all of you judging from the ratings, Chuck has yet to be renewed by NBC. Why is this a painfully obvious mistake? Well, if you're not a TV watcher, then you can stop reading here, and get back to whatever social media platform you read this from, while I continue.

Ok, now that they've gone away, I can really get into the meat of the rant. Not to be confused with, the chicken breast sandwich I ate during the season finale, but I digress. Chuck is truly one of the few shows on TV right now that is truly family entertainment. It's one of my kids' favorite shows. For those that don't know, I have a son 12, and a daughter 14. Their names are not important at this point, and they may have appeared elsewhere.

What is important, and what NBC seems to have overlooked, is that of all their programming this season, we as a family weren't really watching much beyond Chuck, and Heroes. And with their dubious decision to play Jay Leno every night @ 10pm in the fall, we'll be watching them even less. I heard at one point that NBC is/was in 4th place, and as far as I know, they may still be there. Canceling this show, may result in them staying there awhile longer. NBC has alternatives when it comes to this show, and they don't have to leave it in its currently daunting time slot when they bring it back next season.

Alternatively, NBC Universal, which owns the USA Network, and the SciFi Channel as well, has other places they can show a 3rd season of Chuck. I'd prefer it stay on NBC, however, these would be acceptable alternatives to outright cancellation.

Now, for the mercenary portion of this post. While not the main reason I'm doing this, there is a contest going on, and this is hopefully two of my five entries, if I use the above banner. I don't expect to win the contest, it's simply given me the opportunity to talk about one of the last few things on TV that is truly a joy to watch. Appointment TV is the current term, I believe. I'd hate to have to cancel my appointment.

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