Thursday, October 01, 2009

Words Mean Things

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Different words mean different things. Taken out of context, and misunderstood, they can mean something else. I write these in an effort to explain a recent situation that occurred between me and someone else on Twitter, who shall remain nameless, simply because I don't want to have to issue another faux apology.

Most of you reading this know that I hold in contempt those that would call themselves social media experts, or gurus, or 'scientists', however, this specific person did not know that, and when his name came up in a conversation I was having with someone else, he chose to get involved, because he took offense. This was not my intention. It was simply me reiterating what I believe to be true.

Others may find his advice helpful, and on occasion, so have I, however, for the most part, I've rejected it, simply because he doesn't know why I tweet. Do you? You may make a guess, there's a blog entry out there entitled “The seven types of tweeters” or whatever the latest nomenclature is, and I'm sure most of the “social media experts” have written one of there own. In the case of the alleged one I just referred to, I'm #8. Put simply, no one really knows why I'm using Twitter, and sometimes, I don't even know myself.

But I'm not going to let that stop me.

Please, Retweet.

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Luna said...

Words mean all kinds of things. 26 letters put in different places mean so many different things. And each of us is affected by words, how they were used on us, by us. How we think about them, what we hope we mean by them.
I know I am constantly sending emotional waves with my words, and hope it gets picked up the way in which it was sent. Sometimes you just have to let them go..they are afterall just words, little letters.
As for why you twitter..well that's a personal journey.. I came because I heard Stephen Fry say 'follow me on twitter' and so I came and I went looking for Russell Brand....but they are only the reason I came...not the reason I stay...that changes daily
today it's all about the wild journeys a few words from a stranger can take you...and then you find they are no longer a stranger..just strange LOL

Batman said...

Thanks for your comment, Luna, and for understanding the deeper meaning.