Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yes, I Still Write Here

82%!!! Why? The same rate is relatively SPAM that you receive. Twitter is headlines. Book of the face is friends? People are using both to sell. Instagram is pictures of food. At least it was when it first started. I couldn't get an IG account until I had a cellphone, but now I can read them on the desktop. Mix all accounts together, and you come up with?

What do I have: Blogger, WordPress (both personal & professional until I get fired...), Twitter(duh), Book of the face (No, duh), Pinterest to a point, What else? Typepad, Tumblr, Flickr, Model Mayhem, Stage 32, Amen Me! however not really posting there. I'm sure there's more, however I can't seem to remember, or I've forgotten how to login, and they've fallen into disuse. Ah, I glazed over LinkedIn™. How could we forget? Always remember the bane of your existence.

Bane is a Batman supervillain. Good to know that supervillain is in the spellcheck dictionary.

Taking 5.

To review.... I have nothing new to write, or say, or anything even remotely like that. I'm simply typing words to make a word count. I'm attempting to make my words count, as that's the first agreement. The Toltecs had it right, however they're not in the spellcheck dictionary. I'm going to publish this from my brand account, and see how much traction it gets. [Unless I don't. Self Ed.]
Speaking of which, we're back on track! Train stories. When I was a kid, I was into trains. We got a Tyco set, and then a somewhat weekly trip to Kit Kraft, followed by a subscription to Model Railroader filled my childhood. We also got Sports Illustrated. Every Thursday, I'd get home and it would be there, and I'd read most of it during football season. The rest of the year, not so much. I'm sure they had a swimsuit issue back then, but I don't recall.

We saved everything!!! Apparently that's a bad thing. We paid for it, so we keep it, right? This is not conducive to living in society in 2018. It goes to the George Carlin routine. A place for your stuff. Well, stuff is a good thing. There's apparently a line where you have enough stuff, at which point anything you get after that is too much stuff.

My hard drive is becoming like that. I have all these files and pictures and videos that I may have downloaded, and not read or watched. I've looked at the pictures once, and decided I needed to have it forever for whatever reason, and I haven't looked at since.

My need to find love may mean that I'm looking in all the wrong places. Sure, they're pretty, however I'm probably not going to meet most of them. I have met a select few, and they're the best of the best.

Do you age out of the system? Is that a thing? Living forever is going to be hard, or at least difficult if not impossible. However, we know there's a first time for everything. Immortality is a good goal. Our spirit lives forever. It truly depends on what you believe after that. When you die, where do you truly go? Heaven is defined differently according to the different world religions. There's only karma. Neither good or bad. It just is.

How'd we get from social media sites to religion? Is not each a type thereof? There are those who swear by Twitter or more likely, swear at it. Others book of the face or LinkedIn™. Are we writing formally? Commas are pauses. Line delivery.

Pastor Dean asked about the acting in Crazy Rich Asians. It was adequate. Cast all Asians in one movie, and then we don't have to think about them the rest of the year. Hollywood? Definitely. Racially diverse, and yet not. We're told myths about pay imbalance, and how those mean we should vote a certain way. The other side may believe we're all equal, but that's not entirely true either. Haves and have nots. Maybe it's one word: havenots. No, it's plural doesn't exist, however I've heard it on the news, so it must be a word!!!

Not is a great word. Logical negation. A conjunction if I recall Grammar Rock correctly. Ah. I'll be uploading today, so I guess that means no recycling for me.

37 left. What to talk about? Kids today can't differentiate between ads and news online. That's where the opening stat comes from, but isn't everyone attempting to sell us something? I'm attempting to sell you on the fact that everyone is attempting to sell you something, so I guess I'm guilty too.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach. Adjust your expectations accordingly™.

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